Tabac – the distinctive classic among men's fragrances

Authentic, masculine, powerful: Tabac is one of the most successful fragrance brands for men and is truly a brand steeped in tradition. The story of the fragrance began in June 1951 when Tabac soap was launched specifically for male customers. This was something completely new in the fragrance and cosmetics industry, which had not previously viewed men as potential customers. With a unique scent, a perfect bar of soap and an ingenious burlap pouch as packaging, this soap was a true luxury item at the time, and became a big seller in post-war Germany. To set itself apart from imitations, Mäurer & Wirtz added the word "Original" in October 1952 – this is how the brand name, still used today, came about.


In 1959 - a step change: Tabac Original was joined by an aftershave lotion, a pre-electric shave and an eau de Cologne that proved to be bestsellers – and established a milestone in the story of German shaving care for men. Thanks to its unique, masculine fragrance and exceptional appearance, Tabac Original succeeded in opening up a completely new market.


New products were constantly added to the Tabac range to create an unbroken series to meet the interests of the day: Numerous formulations were adapted in line with the latest scientific findings and the demands of Tabac wearers. The design, too, evolved over time – a traditional brand always seen as modern and original. In 1990, the introduction of Tabac Original Eau de Toilette to accompany the aftershave redemonstrated the company's expertise in the field of fragrances. Just a short time later Tabac Man finally found its place as the third masculine fragrance of the Tabac umbrella brand – now complemented by various fragrances such as Tabac Man Fire Power and Tabac Man Gravity. In 2019, a refreshingly astringent variation of the classic called Tabac Original Craftsman which appeals to younger users particularly was added to the range. With Tabac Original Craftsman, men's fragrances were presented in a modern, down-to-earth way and a concise fragrance statement was placed in its own portfolio.


Over the years around 20 product variations in assorted sizes have joined the constellation of products surrounding the original aftershave, most recently in 2018 with the innovative beard care products of the "Tabac Barber Shop at Home" range. One thing has remained unchanged throughout: the piquant, masculine, aromatic and fresh fragrance of Tabac Original which was a feature of the very first product and which formed the foundation of its international success.

One of the first products for men on the market towards the end of the 1950s, Tabac Original is now an icon of fragrances for men and has been awarded "Brand of the Century".